The Department – As If Transformed

by coldwarnightlife

The Department haven’t released their own night serum yet, but a light application of their tester does more than firm and tone. On the evidence of this video, it gets under your skin with a foam of bubbling arpeggiators and some smooth bass, scented with just a hint of dominatrix.

The Anglo-Swedish group, composed of Rob Green and Magnus Lindström (Mr Jones Machine), have been around since 2013, but “As If Transformed” is their first commercial video for Hard Cell Records. Directed by Ed Robinson for OneRedEye, it uses the device of segmented characters, who are picked and mixed to humorous effect. Tearing up and reassembling the pages of Vogue could get you to a similar place, but then you’d miss out on the rotated mohawks and dance steps.

Musical inspirations: 80s sounds. Attitude: model’s own.

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