New Releases from Diskodiktator

by coldwarnightlife

You know that 2014 is heating up as another good year for electronic music when the release schedule starts filling up with recordings from Rational Youth, Sista mannen på jorden, Psyche – and now Diskodiktator.

Former S.P.O.C.K keyboardist, Johan Billing, is the Diskodiktator – sharply dressed and as well known for lounge music reinterpretations of Swedish synth classics as he is for controversial originals, like the alternative club hit, “Just Say No to Democracy”. There is a new Diskodiktator album just around the corner, named Malmö C after his home city’s central railway station, led by a new single, “Inte så svårt” (EN: Not So Hard). Influenced by DAF, it will cut a dashing figure on the EBM scene; trading the angst and gloom of much recent material for a more stylish approach. With remixes from TopGun, Beborn Beton and Social Ambitions, there are several listening angles, all made-to-measure for the dancefloor.

Samples below, which signal good things for the forthcoming album!

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