Images of Moog: Electronic Voyager

Bob Moog was one of the most important figures in electronic music. As the creator of the Moog synthesizer, followed by a line of instruments that bore his name, he changed the way that music is made and listened to. Waveshaper Media, the producers of the modular synth documentary, I Dream of Wires, are putting...

GusGus Light Fuse on New Video

GusGus, the Icelandic dance music legends, have released the video for "Fireworks." Lifted from last year's Lies Are More Flexible album, it sees the band teaming up with Kitty Von-Sometime from The Weird Girls Project. Von-Sometime was brought to the project by choreographer Unnur Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir, but also has a child with the GusGus vocalist,...

You’re History, but SS Are Back!

Shakespears Sister, the wilfully misspelled pop duo, are back. Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey have announced tour dates, a compilation album and a new single. “All the Queen’s Horses” is out on 15 May 2019, and it will be followed by Singles Party, a CD collection of the band’s previous hits. The Ride Again Tour…

Diamanda Galás Takes Control

The American avant-garde artist, Diamanda Galás, has announced that she has taken control of her back catalogue. Galás plans to re-issue all of her work in physical form, on her own label. Intravenal Sound Operations will release The Litanies of Satan, her debut album, in the autumn of 2019. The album is being recut from…

Lau Nau: Inspired by the Sea

“Amphipoda” is the latest release from Finland’s Lau Nau. Recorded at Stockholm’s legendary Elektronmusikstudion EMS, using a Buchla 200 modular system, the composition translates data on Baltic Sea life into music. Lau Nau explains the science behind the sounds: This composition is inspired by how the biomass of plankton vary in the Baltic depending, for…

Pieces of Juno Makes Waves

Norway’s Pieces of Juno – whom we have described rightly as one of Norway’s best young artists – has revealed the first track from her forthcoming new album. “Ocean Floor” inhabits the space that Tuxedomoon once occupied: the room where jazz and experimental pop intertwine. Surfacing with piano and scraped strings, the song has tangles…

TEC005: A Live Report from the Future on the State of Poptronica

TEC005, the latest in a series of rare live events curated by the experts at The Electricity Club, happens in London on Saturday, 2 March 2019. On past form, it's going to be a portion of the future served up by the taste-makers in the know. Headlined by Arthur & Martha, who are reuniting for...

Silence is Sexy: Mute Kept Stumm on Cage Album Surprise

John Tilbury, the pianist and collaborator of Cornelius Cardew, once wrote an article with the title, “John Cage: Ghost or Monster?” On the current news from Mute, the answer is both: the influence of Cage’s work, “4’33’,” is the motivating force behind a new box set in the label’s fortieth year; and there will be…


We Are All Kloner

Page, the Swedish poptronica pioneers, have unwrapped the first single from their forthcoming album. “Kloner” [EN: “Clones”] isn’t a cover of the Alice Cooper song but it does have the feeling of 1980s poptronica. With classic Moog sounds and Eddie Bengtsson’s talent for spellbinding hooks, it is a new wave gem for 2019. Introduced with…

Bareback Italo from Electric City

With the release of Superstar, Electric City Cowboys are back in the saddle. It's not their first rodeo: the trio from Karlshamn in Sweden have been creating quality Italo-influenced electronic music since 2012. Superstar is their fifth release but their first full album. With the assistance of Mia Moilanen on several tracks, including the stand-out...

Songs with a Viking Soul: Sólveig Matthildur

It seems like only yesterday that Sólveig Matthildur's "Affliction" came through the letter box. Moody and brooding, it showed off the Kælan Mikla keyboardist and backing singer's ability to channel dark waves to full effect. The follow-up is an album, Constantly in Love. This is where things get interesting: with more space to work with,...

Brush Up on Your Fieldwork

Covenant are back with the Fieldworks Exkursion EP. A five-track collection, it shows the Swedes developing their interests in philosophy, sampling and rhythm. With elements of the sound captured from environmental sources – a la Chris Watson – the band have turned their surroundings into sonic sources. The results are sculpted and moulded around the…

Dead Can Dance

Shot by Marija Buljeta in London


Music Heroes of Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for attention-seeking model wannabes. The platform allows musicians to share details of their project; photographers to curate material for followers; and record store workers to paint themselves like their favourite album covers. We have picked out some of our favourite Instagram accounts to share, on the basis that they fit into one…

Ex-Display Model: Moments in Hove

Ex-Display Model is a new project from Fujiya & Miyagi’s David Best with AK/DK’s Ed Chivers. The pair began working together in Brighton earlier this year, taking their inspiration from the DIY home recordings of Robert Rental and Thomas Leer, writing much of their debut self-titled, self-released album in David’s bedroom and the small studio...


Symbols and Synthesis: Fragile Self

It is sometimes said that, in psychology, everyone is an object; whereas, in the field of philosophy, everyone is a subject. So, what is position of an artist under the steady gaze of the music critic? Fragile Self is a project that blurs the lines. Initiated by Anil Aykan and Jonathan Barnbrook as a sideline…

Time to Give Cash for Nash the Slash Biopic

Nash the Slash was an original. Wrapped in bandages, like a mummified prog guitarist, Nash toured with Gary Numan and Iggy Pop and played along to silent films. With a drum box and electric violin, he fired up alternative music crowds with horror imagery and pulsating, processed riffs. The man inside the mask, Jeff Plewman,…

Red, Black and Cool: Tina Schnekenburger

Tina Schnekenburger has worn a number of guises over the years. From the punk scene in Kraftwerk's home town to the world of modern art, she is a card carrying member of the avant-garde. Schnekenburger can be seen in the new Conny Plank documentary, operating backing tracks for DAF. In leather, with cropped hair, she...

Twice a Man

What do you do when you have a concert planned with New Order but the promoters think your name makes you sound like a progressive rock act? You change it. For Cosmic Overdose, it was no problem. The Swedish experimentalists had dates supporting New Order in Gothenburg and Oslo, and the name belonged to a...

Fika with: FRKTL

A cold day in the run-up to Christmas finds Sarah Badr in the newest branch of a Finnish café in London’s Covent Garden. The place has just opened but is heaving with tourists, resting between credit card-facilitated dopamine fixes. It’s a nightmare of reverb, as the walls reflect the chatter of shoppers and the roar…

TEC004: Bonfire of the Wannabes

TEC004 is coming up soon. On Saturday, 5 November 2016, the UK’s synthescenti will gather in Norwich to dance to artists hand-picked by The Electricity Club. We asked TEC’s Chi Ming Lai to give us a preview of the show and his views on the current UK scene. What can visitors expect from TEC004? Well,…

23 Skidoo

Simon Helm shoots the industrial pioneers


Xarah Dion – Ethos Eros

Track of the Day: 19 May 2019

Black Needle Noise – I’ll Give You Shape

Track of the Day

Hafdis Huld – Take My Breath Away

Track of the Day: 30 April 2019


Ministry – We Believe

Rare Video of the Week

Wire – Live at Bloomsbury Theatre (1985)

A live Wire performance is always an exciting prospect. In this video, taken in London in 1985, the band is in one of its transitional phases; recreating itself on stage like a snake shedding its skin. At this time, Wire were part of Mute Records, and their recordings were made with the help of the…

Cabaret Voltaire – Live at La Edad del Oro

Rare Video of the Week




Live in Gothenburg

23 Skidoo

Live at the 100 Club


Dead Can Dance

Live at the Apollo