Marija Buljeta shoots Uncle Al in London


Halcyon Days for Romo Nights

Romo Night was a storied club event held in Gothenburg, Sweden's second city. Starting in 1996, the New Romantic-inspired club hosted a number of top tier synth acts from Europe and Canada, including Human League, Covenant, Client, Rational Youth and Sista mannen på jorden. Although its doors shut in 2007, Romo Night lived in the...

Get Carter!

Chris Carter, the synth pioneer and ABBA afficionado from Throbbing Gristle, has revealed the video for ”Cernubicua,” a track from his forthcoming solo album. As one half of Chris & Cosey, an equal measure of Carter Tutti, and one third of Carter Tutti Void, Carter’s post-TG output has rarely taken solo form. His 1980 tape,…

Erasure Go Classical

Synth legends, Erasure, have revealed the reconstruction of their album, World Be Gone. The recording gets a classical makeover by the Belgian Echo Collective. Long-time Erasure collaborator, Gareth Jones, mixed the album, and Andy Bell returned to the studio for vocal duties. Neil Leiter from the Echo Collective explains: The process of this project was…


High Standards from a Low Country: Lederman de Meyer

The list of Belgium's gifts to the world is long: the compact cassette, half-decent chocolate and Plastic Bertrand; as well as roller skates, pommes frites and Els Pyloo. The low country’s musical talents have been prodigious, and a key to its reputation is the success of Front 242. Dressed in hockey equipment and sunglasses, the...

Dubstar Return on the Wings of a Dove

You'd have to go a long way to find a singer classier than Dubstar's Sarah Blackwood. Or one who is as capable of summoning the minor key feelings of love in an English town. Take for proof the latest Dubstar single, "You Were Never in Love." It's the second in a series of online-only releases...

More than a Party: Psyche and Presence of Mind Live

Henrik Wittgren, the promoter and Lejonhjärta keyboard player, celebrates his 40th birthday by throwing a party for the Swedish alternative music scene. Featuring Presence of Mind and the dark wave pioneers, Psyche, Henrik XL draws in a crowd of friends and music fans ready to dance into the night. A display of artefacts from Wittgren's...

Covenant on the Edge of Dawn

Review of Covenant’s performance in London.

Depeche Mode

Live gallery by Petra Rönnholm


The Ten Best Covers of Wire’s “Outdoor Miner”

There comes a time in every band's life cycle when someone will suggest a cover version of "Outdoor Miner." The fourth single from Wire, released way back in January 1979, "Outdoor Miner" also appears on the Chairs Missing album. It shows the contrarian band at their most dialectical; balancing commercial potential with art pop so...

The Top 17 of 2017

After the loss of so many artists in 2016, it was a pleasure to see some of the original synthpop heroes back on the release trail. OMD, Alison Moyet, Erasure and Blancmange were among those with new albums to perform, and they all stuck to what they do best. Against that backdrop, Depeche Mode‘s effort,…


Twice a Man

What do you do when you have a concert planned with New Order but the promoters think your name makes you sound like a progressive rock act? You change it. For Cosmic Overdose, it was no problem. The Swedish experimentalists had dates supporting New Order in Gothenburg and Oslo, and the name belonged to a...

Fika with: FRKTL

A cold day in the run-up to Christmas finds Sarah Badr in the newest branch of a Finnish café in London’s Covent Garden. The place has just opened but is heaving with tourists, resting between credit card-facilitated dopamine fixes. It’s a nightmare of reverb, as the walls reflect the chatter of shoppers and the roar…

TEC004: Bonfire of the Wannabes

TEC004 is coming up soon. On Saturday, 5 November 2016, the UK’s synthescenti will gather in Norwich to dance to artists hand-picked by The Electricity Club. We asked TEC’s Chi Ming Lai to give us a preview of the show and his views on the current UK scene. What can visitors expect from TEC004? Well,…

Here Comes the Rein!

Fierce! There’s no other word to describe the music of Rein, who jumped from our speakers with her first release, “There Is No Authority But Yourself.” With its independent attitude and blistering beats, we were immediately converted and it became our Track of the Day. In the weeks that have followed, Rein has revealed additional…

Out from the Shadows: Neon Lines

Daft Punk, Air, Yelle, Justice, M83, Kas Product, Die Form and Sebastian Tellier – all popular French bands with lots of talent. Another French group that is starting to make waves is Neon Lines. The band was recently formed, and its five members have diverse musical backgrounds, making for a great musical cocktail. This intrigued…

Swede Dreams Are Made of Synths: Hiltipop

S.E.M. (Sven Erik Magnus) Hilti Johansson’s appearance at Electronic Summer 2015, Sweden’s premier festival of electronic music, provided many with an introduction to his project, Hiltipop. A one-man show, Hiltipop turned heads with warm poptronica infused with classic styles: from the Kraftwerk-influenced sequences of “The Pattern” to the dreamtronica of “In Loneliness,” Johansson’s solo turn…


Live in Gothenburg by Petra Rönnholm.


Numan 16x9-1-7

Gary Numan

Live in Copenhagen



Live in Gothenburg

Eivør live in Gothenburg (Photo by Petra Rönnholm)


Live in Gothenburg