Kaelan Mikla

The Ladies of the Cold in Gothenburg by Petra Rönnholm



Anna Öberg

Shot on location by Petra Rönnholm


Ex-Display Model: Moments in Hove

Ex-Display Model is a new project from Fujiya & Miyagi’s David Best with AK/DK’s Ed Chivers. The pair began working together in Brighton earlier this year, taking their inspiration from the DIY home recordings of Robert Rental and Thomas Leer, writing much of their debut self-titled, self-released album in David’s bedroom and the small studio...

The Top 18 of 2018

Two thousand and eighteen was a challenging year for electronic music. After a spate of excellent releases in 2017, it was as if a lot of artists were pausing for breath. If we were cynical, we might suggest that could have been because Soft Cell sucked so much oxygen out of the scene with the...


Time to Give Cash for Nash the Slash Biopic

Nash the Slash was an original. Wrapped in bandages, like a mummified prog guitarist, Nash toured with Gary Numan and Iggy Pop and played along to silent films. With a drum box and electric violin, he fired up alternative music crowds with horror imagery and pulsating, processed riffs. The man inside the mask, Jeff Plewman,…

Red, Black and Cool: Tina Schnekenburger

Tina Schnekenburger has worn a number of guises over the years. From the punk scene in Kraftwerk's home town to the world of modern art, she is a card carrying member of the avant-garde. Schnekenburger can be seen in the new Conny Plank documentary, operating backing tracks for DAF. In leather, with cropped hair, she...

Twice a Man

What do you do when you have a concert planned with New Order but the promoters think your name makes you sound like a progressive rock act? You change it. For Cosmic Overdose, it was no problem. The Swedish experimentalists had dates supporting New Order in Gothenburg and Oslo, and the name belonged to a...

Fika with: FRKTL

A cold day in the run-up to Christmas finds Sarah Badr in the newest branch of a Finnish café in London’s Covent Garden. The place has just opened but is heaving with tourists, resting between credit card-facilitated dopamine fixes. It’s a nightmare of reverb, as the walls reflect the chatter of shoppers and the roar…

TEC004: Bonfire of the Wannabes

TEC004 is coming up soon. On Saturday, 5 November 2016, the UK’s synthescenti will gather in Norwich to dance to artists hand-picked by The Electricity Club. We asked TEC’s Chi Ming Lai to give us a preview of the show and his views on the current UK scene. What can visitors expect from TEC004? Well,…

Here Comes the Rein!

Fierce! There’s no other word to describe the music of Rein, who jumped from our speakers with her first release, “There Is No Authority But Yourself.” With its independent attitude and blistering beats, we were immediately converted and it became our Track of the Day. In the weeks that have followed, Rein has revealed additional…

Lustans Lakajer

Live in Gothenburg by Petra Rönnholm.


Numan 16x9-1-7

Gary Numan

Live in Copenhagen



Live in Gothenburg

Eivør live in Gothenburg (Photo by Petra Rönnholm)


Live in Gothenburg