Linea Aspera Return for UK and European Shows

One of the best alternative electronic acts ever to emerge from the UK, Linea Aspera, has reunited for concert dates in Europe and the UK. Hot on the heels of their recent album, Preservation Bias, the duo of Zoè Zanias (Alison Lewis) and Ryan Ambridge have announced a tour with the following dates: 30th of...

The Quad: Four Reasons to Dance in October

Four top bands have been named for The Quad, a music event in Gothenburg, Sweden. Taking place on the 25th of October, 2019, The Quad features Page (SE), Cryo (SE), Kårp (SE) and Iris (US). This four-by-four arrangement (four bands, four letters in each band name) sets up a show that will be sure to...

Rein to Headline TEC 006 in London

The Queen of EBM, Rein, has been announced as the headline artist for TEC 006. The Swedish singer, songwriter and producer was named Cold War Night Life's New Artist of the Year in 2015. Since then, she has stormed stages across Europe and been nominated for awards by Swedish television and the magazine GAFFA. With...

Industrial Troika Reveal New Material

Carter Tutti Void return with their third album, Triumvirate.

Still Dancing: Rational Youth Announce Deluxe Release

Rational Youth, the Canadian poptronica pioneers, have announced a very special edition of their debut album, Cold War Night Life. The 1982 release ranks with John Foxx’s Metamatic and Depeche Mode’s Speak & Spell among the classics of 1980s synthesizer music. Made with state of the art analogue equipment, including the Roland System 100, Moog…

Silence Is Sexy: Mute Update STUMM433

It is common knowledge that Daniel Miller was inspired by the writings of J.G. Ballard when he came up with the lyrics for “Warm Leatherette.” It is less well known that his imagination was fuelled by the sounds of actual car crashes taking place at Henlys Corner, just a short distance from the house where…

Totally Wire: Documentary and Album Announced

Wire announce a new album and crowdfunded film project.

Spoons Serve Up New Video

Spoons, the legendary Canadian group who swept the world with the hit, “Nova Heart,” have revealed the first video from their latest album. “For the First and Last Time” is a catchy, upbeat number that sounds current but has a classic Spoons feel. The album, New Day New World, was released in March. It is…

Howard Jones

New song, new images by Marija Buljeta


Hey Presto!

Presto Fervant have been making EBM from their base in a Swedish nuclear bunker on and off since 1989. The duo of Fredrik Lundvall and Ronny Larsson started with contributions to tape compilations and put out a split release with Punch & Judy, but their formal output has been relatively limited. This is their 20th...

Rational Youth as They Were Meant to Be Heard

When the Berlin Wall was breached, Germans partying on top of it had a ready-made soundtrack from a Canadian synth band. "Dancing on the Berlin Wall" was one of the tracks on Rational Youth's 1982 debut album, Cold War Night Life. It had references to Michael Caine's nerdy rival to James Bond and David Bowie's...

Wigged Out: Pieces of Juno’s Metanoia

Review of Metanoia from Pieces of Juno

Analyse This: Cryo Return with The Fall of Man

The best EBM act in Sweden is also one of the least prolific. Cryo are only on their fifth studio album in thirteen years. Despite some well-received singles and sold-out shows, it has been half a decade since their last one had its details entered into Discogs. The Fall of Man has been worth the...

Dead Can Dance

Shot by Marija Buljeta in London


Shine On: Graham Lewis

With his flat cap and specs, Graham Lewis looks every bit the English chap abroad. These markers of his origins belie the three decades he has spent living in Sweden - a country that, by now, could claim him as a cultural icon of their own. The Englishman among them started making music as the...

Music Heroes of Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for attention-seeking model wannabes. The platform allows musicians to share details of their project; photographers to curate material for followers; and record store workers to paint themselves like their favourite album covers. We have picked out some of our favourite Instagram accounts to share, on the basis that they fit into one…

SubKult Festival

Shot by Krichan Wihlborg in Sweden


Random Acts of Synthesis: A Chat with Eric Random

Eric Random once relocated to the Himalayas to learn percussion. It was about as far as one could get from the sooty brickwork of Manchester's post-industrial decline. Even at home, however, the former Tiller Boy was a million miles removed from the stagnant, commercial culture of Britain's Top 40 charts. Random's musical journey began when...

Lust for Youth

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden's second city and a place with a bohemian vibe, Lust for Youth is the brainchild of Hannes Norrvide. With nine albums behind them, the band have ploughed a furrow separate from the EBM and poptronica scenes of Norrvide's hometown. Now based in Copenhagen and pared back to the duo of Norrvide...

Symbols and Synthesis: Fragile Self

It is sometimes said that, in psychology, everyone is an object; whereas, in the field of philosophy, everyone is a subject. So, what is position of an artist under the steady gaze of the music critic? Fragile Self is a project that blurs the lines. Initiated by Anil Aykan and Jonathan Barnbrook as a sideline…

Time to Give Cash for Nash the Slash Biopic

Nash the Slash was an original. Wrapped in bandages, like a mummified prog guitarist, Nash toured with Gary Numan and Iggy Pop and played along to silent films. With a drum box and electric violin, he fired up alternative music crowds with horror imagery and pulsating, processed riffs. The man inside the mask, Jeff Plewman,…

Red, Black and Cool: Tina Schnekenburger

Tina Schnekenburger has worn a number of guises over the years. From the punk scene in Kraftwerk's home town to the world of modern art, she is a card carrying member of the avant-garde. Schnekenburger can be seen in the new Conny Plank documentary, operating backing tracks for DAF. In leather, with cropped hair, she...

Twice a Man

What do you do when you have a concert planned with New Order but the promoters think your name makes you sound like a progressive rock act? You change it. For Cosmic Overdose, it was no problem. The Swedish experimentalists had dates supporting New Order in Gothenburg and Oslo, and the name belonged to a...


Lejonhjärta – I Try Alone

Sweden's Lejonhjärta continue to build on their post-punk sound with the release of "I Try Alone." Part of a three track EP, which includes a song mixed by Mark Hockings of Mesh, this is the lead track of a release that shows the growing maturity of their material and style.

Linea Aspera – Preservation Bias

Linea Aspera lived only from 2011-2013, but the star that shone half as long shone twice as bright. The duo of Alison Lewis (Zoe Zanias) and Ryan Ambridge issued only a few recordings, but for a brief moment they were the most exciting new act on British soil. One of the few bands to use...

Jenkie – In the Night

A change of pace for Sham Recordings, the home of Container 90 and old school Swedish EBM, the new single from Jenkie sits in electro/hi-NRG territory. With vocals by Jenkie Dahl and instrumentation by Magnus Norr, the upbeat, poppy material is the antidote to drizzly English summers. Just the thing for a Midsummer party, once...

Pouppée Fabrikk

Shot by Simon Helm in Stockholm





Live in Gothenburg



Live in London


Dead Can Dance

Live at the Apollo